IDM cc Add-ons 7.3.20 for firefox 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,15

Read the steps to install your IDM CC Add-ons for Firefox 12 and enable it to download anything such as music, video, documents etc.
Step 1.   First of all download idm CC from here.

Step 2.   Go to Add-ons page of your Firefox 12 web browser.
Step 3.   Hit click on the gear button as shown in the picture given below. Then click on Install add-on from file…

Step 4.   Now, choose the .XPI file that you downloaded by following step 1.
Step 5.   Install Add-on now.

Step 6.  If you follow all these steps sequencially, you may certainly have installed IDM CC Add-On for you firefox 12. Now just restart your Firefox browser. You are done.
Step 7. Just start downloading and enjoy. I hope no issue will further come to you.


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